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We commonly run across several scenarios when we need to replace the wood under the current roofing material. We try to determine this when performing the initial survey of the roof to calculate the estimate. Access to the attic can tell us if there is mold, de-laminating plywood, rotten boards, wet areas, or cedar shakes among other things. We also look under the shingle edges and walk around the roof during our inspection. In areas where there have been leaks, often around chimneys, valleys, or along the eaves expect damaged wood. These areas will be cut out and replaced with new pieces of wood.

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Generally we can ascertain what will be needed on the day of roof replacement, but there are unknowns that are revealed when the existing roofing is removed. These contingencies are outlined in all our proposals. Wood replacement (additional costs) can be a point of contention between the homeowner and contractor so make sure these details are clearly spelled out in a written proposal.