Structural Framing

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Often a prolonged roof leak will damage more than the plywood and the ceiling. The rafters can get wet and are often slow to dry out. Over time they will rot like any other wood, so it’s best to repair your roof at the first sign of a leak. Once the damage is done, you will need an experienced carpenter who is capable of re-building the roof’s structural elements.

Roof framing problems aren’t limited to old houses with long-standing roof leaks. Sags and cracked rafters can develop if the roof was originally under-framed; this means the rafters were not strong enough to span the distance from the gutter to the ridge. Often these issues are uncovered during a comprehensive roof estimate and if possible, an attic inspection. Usually there are clues that carpentry work will be involved, but the extent may not be fully realized until the roof is removed.

What will happen if the crew working on your roof is unfamiliar with structural carpentry and framing issues that are uncovered? Either the job stops, and a blue tarp goes on, or what’s worse is that the repairs are poorly done or simply ignored altogether and covered up. So, if you know there are framing issues before the roof work commences, you can hire a professional roofing company with the knowledge, staff, and capabilities, McCabe and Son Roofing.