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We are trained in proper attic ventilation procedures to maximize the life of your roof, reduce heat build-up in the summer and moisture in the winter. Ideally, an attic’s temperature and humidity should be closer to that of the outdoors rather than the living space. Adequate insulation is part of the equation and a comprehensive ventilation system completes it. Sufficient soffit (intake) airflow from outside is just as important as an exhaust vent along the ridge or powered fan.

Optimal ventilation is achieved by having a balance of intake and exhaust vents to keep air moving. With balanced ventilation, fresh air replaces stagnant over-heated or moisture-laden air. Super-heated air in the attic can shorten the lifespan of the shingles as well as transfer summer heat into your living space. Excess moisture from condensation in the winter can deteriorate the sheathing and potentially lead to mold growth. We attend yearly educational seminars to keep pace with the advances in building science.