Roof Repairs

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Often times a roof leak does not mean that you need a new roof, but a proper roof repair. If roofing materials still have life in them, it makes sense to fix them.

Call us if you are concerned about any of the following with your asphalt shingle, cedar, slate, metal, flat roof, siding, or gutters:

  • Roof leak
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Hearing a drip
  • Attic condensation
  • Ventilation needs
  • Noticing something unusual from the ground
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Damaged or lifted shingles
  • Leaks around a chimney
  • Leaking skylights
  • Dampness along walls
  • Nails backing out
  • Rotten wood

To prevent further damage, it is important to have problems fixed as they arise. Having one of our professional roofers assess your concern will give you peace of mind. Some small issues can be fixed on the spot with materials from our well-stocked trucks. Other larger, more complicated situations will be diagnosed and a detailed written estimate will be provided.

The extreme weather in the past few years has brought these defects to the surface. Call a reliable local roofing contractor, McCabe And Son.

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