Roof Related Carpentry

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Historic homes have extensive exterior wood that can rot from the elements or time alone. Roof leaks cause damage to wood that repeatedly gets wet and most of it is integral to the roof, gutters, or siding. Working on older homes has become our forte over the years, so we are accustomed to the carpentry work that’s inevitably involved. From installing all new plywood decking, replacing rafters and fascia boards to re-building eaves, and porch ceilings – we do it regularly. Decorative moldings and trim are part of our services, as well as ornamental cornices, brackets, and corbels. We offer composite materials like Azek PVC and Fypon foam as well as wood, which we prime and paint to protect it from the elements and to blend it in to existing woodwork.

Many roofing companies simply cannot or do not want to perform this type of intricate carpentry work. Some wood issues may just be cosmetic but others could lead to further deterioration, roof leaks, gutters falling off, or in some instances the need to completely replace the roof again!

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